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Bringing Peace of Mind to Business Owners Facing Divorce

Divorce, by itself, is a difficult matter for anyone to face. As a business owner, we understand the additional questions and concerns which may arise when you are a business owner facing divorce. Questions such as, “What will happen to my business?” and “Will I have to give up half my business to my former spouse?” are common, legitimate concerns for divorcing business owners. Rest assured that the Clausewitz Reyes team of business divorce attorneys can help. We have assisted many clients in navigating the complexities of addressing business ownership issues during the pendency of their divorce proceedings, working to achieve the most positive outcome possible in their cases.

It’s normal to be concerned about your business during a time like this. After all, you’ve worked hard to build your business, and if you are facing divorce you’re likely not sure what will happen next. Know that at Clausewitz Reyes, we offer the experience and guidance you deserve in a time like this.

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Divorce for Business Owners

Protecting Your Business in a Divorce

As experienced business divorce attorneys in San Antonio, we know what it takes to achieve a favorable outcome in cases such as these. Whether you are concerned about your LLC, Corporation, or Partnership – or simply if you will lose part of your business, we can help your situation.

If you are contemplating divorce, there are several measures our business divorce attorneys may advise you to take prior to filing. These actions include making sure your business governance documents are updated and contemplate divorce, performing a valuation, evaluating business continuity plans, and implementing roles and responsibilities for key stakeholders to ensure minimal disruptions to the business during this uncertain time.

While some cases may require conflict resolution or mediation, often business owners can find peace of mind by working with a law firm that is well-versed in handling matters such as these. We offer the experience, compassion, and knowledge that you’d expect from an attorney when your hard work and livelihood is on the line.

To speak with one of business divorce attorneys, we encourage you to contact us to see how we can help.

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