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Many key issues which arise in business litigation cases are a direct result of contract disputes. This often happens when there is a breach of contract by one or more of the parties involved in a legal agreement between businesses. At Clausewitz Reyes, our goal is to help businesses facing contract disputes come to a resolution which is favorable and fair. Often, contract dispute issues can be resolved through informal negotiation or mediation. We are well-versed in handling cases related to:

  • Breach of contract terms
  • Business entity agreements, including LLC and partnership agreements
  • Enforcement of contract terms
  • Invocation of indemnity clauses
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
  • Non-payment and collections related to goods or services

While representing clients in disputes related to these and other matters, we take the necessary legal and strategic planning steps to protect our clients and help them achieve a favorable outcome in their cases in the most business-efficient way possible.

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Bringing Resolution to Contract Disputes for Businesses

As experienced business litigation attorneys, we understand the issues business owners often face when terms of an agreement are unfulfilled or broken. This is why we take pride in helping our clients resolve disputes in a way that is fair and just.

A contract breach can undoubtedly negatively impact business operations and your business’s bottom line. At our law firm, you can place your trust in attorneys who are committed to resolving your case as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rest assured we will do everything within our power to appropriately advise and represent you in resolving issues which arise from your business dispute. If negotiation and mediation cannot achieve resolution, we have the knowledge and experience to handle your case should it proceed to trial.

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